The LED technology is increasing in all areas of application in a great extend in the recent years.

Based on this technical development of the LED, a market share of 60% is expected in 2030 of all industry-relevant lights. Therefore the LED technology is used at more and more applications and/ or their segments.


The LEDs are available in different shapes, designs and models and can therefore be applied in nearly all areas of application, in industry, buildings, road area, on the railroad or in stadiums or airports.
Depending on the type of application, whether as decoration or as a light source, the standards are an essential component for the selection of the lamp. But also the light characteristic is a crucial criterion.
All this must be taken into account in your individual needs.
To give you an overview of the possibilities of application areas, we will have created an overview. Of course, this classification includes only a subset of possible lighting objects and is extensible in many ways.