Dear customers,

the majority of people agree: The eyes are our most important sensory organ. Hearing, taste, smell or keys are less important than seeing. This is also reflected in the distribution of our sensory cells. 70 percent of these cells are located in the retina. 
Thus, the eye plays a very important role in our development through the extraction of relevant information, identification of elements and their interpretation by the match with our memories. However, the eye represents more than the organ that is responsible for spatial perception or object recognition.

Rather, the saw events or situations arouse emotions in us. Therefore, also the ambient light at the time of the event or the situation affects our feelings.

Now imagine the following situation: You want to spend a sensual evening together. How do you envision this evening? Perhaps with good food and candlelight? Or would you prefer the dinner in bright, all white and cold folk acts light with your loved one? 

Which light situation, you would feel in the example above as "uncomfortable"?

Or imagine an office in which there is very warm light, almost reddish light, similar to a sunset - could you imagine to work long hours with such a light, or do you think that such a light could be quickly tiring?
Each situation calls for its own light. So also requires each individual light. We are pleased to offer expert advice and simulation for their required light conditions. 


Who we are

Luzteciberia S.L. is a distribution company for lighting in South- and Central Europe as well as Mozambique and Macau. Their focus is directed to the LED technology. Since 2011, we equip numerous companies from the automotive and logistics industry with customized LED solutions. With our eight employees, we constantly strive to offer the best to our clients wishes lighting concept. 



Our mission is to bring our customers the understanding of light and lighting closer and at the same time to achieve 100% customer satisfaction through holistic care. We want to offer our customers the opportunity to save money by switching to an energy-efficient technology and at the same time participate in the preservation of the environment. 



Our focus is on the implementation of LED lighting in existing facilities, as well as the installation of LED lighting in new construction projects. Here, our aim is to obtain a best possible illumination while saving energy. 



Our vision is to become the market leader with our partners in the respective countries. Investment in LED technology also means investing in the future. Therefore, it makes economic and ecological sense that every company exchanges its previous lighting system with LED lights, for the sake of the environment. This we would like to allow each company.



In order to offer you the best possible light environment, we not only sell LED lights but also offer our customers a lighting concept. Thereby we do not lose sight of the repayment.

Therefore, our slogan is: 

LuzTecIberia - the power of energy



As we put much emphasis on best quality, the products offered by us only from selected manufacturers with whom we work very closely together.   This allows us to simulate and calculate your individual project on the computer and offer a tailored solution, in collaboration with the lighting manufacturers.

This includes, for example, that we can offer to you a special individual optics. We have the best lighting and therefore the best solution for you for many applications. We also develop, in cooperation with our manufacturers special solutions for you to offer the best light for your needs.   We would be very pleased to help you and the power of energy - to show the power of the LEDs.

Your Luzteciberia Team