High light efficiency

  > 100 lumens per watt and more are currently available.
> By comparsion: The incandescent bulb has max. 45 lumens per watt

Low sensitivity

> Towards shock and vibration
> Example: (Gantry) crane lighting, machines lighting, etc.

Short start

> LEDs reach full brightness in less than a second
> Glow discharge lamps require about five minutes to reach their full brightness

Long life cycle

> Retrofit-LEDs have an average duration of appr. 30.000 hours
> Many of our lights have offered an average lifespan 50.000 - 120.000 hours and more
> New calculations of LED manufacturer shows a possible lifecycle of 363.000 hours!
> For comparison:
Type Lifecycle [h]
Bulb 1.000
Optimized halogen lamp 2.000
Extra-low voltage halogen lamp 5.000
Mercury vapor 8.000
Energy saving lamp 12.000
Fluorescent lamp 20.000
LED Retrofit 30.000
Sodium vapor 30.000
Cold cathode tube light 40.000
Halogen-metal-vapor 60.000
Electomagnetic lamp 60.000
LED Lamp with high power LEDS > 80.000


  > No mercury, halogen gas, lead, etc. = easy to recycle

No ultraviolet and infrared radiation

  > LEDs emit only a low heat to the environment Reliability
> A sudden failure is very unlikely. Blackout could be evoked by the power supply which
  could be replaced very easily

No interference by-products

> LEDs do not hum and are flickerfree Good color rendering property
> CRI > 80 provides a natural light and good color recognition

Does not interfere with the insect orientation

> Insects does not respond to LEDs, it incurs any swarms around the luminair

Low heat generation

> Low power results into a low heat distribution
> Even at temperatures above 50°C the lamps have still a relatively low operating temperature (for example application of a factory roof in the summer, establishment with a high ambient temperature, etc.)
> The life is not affected by the operating temperature up to 85°C

Low energy consumption

> Reducing of power by same light consumption. Up to 80% of energy costs can be saved

No hollow body which can implode


Sudden failure is very unlikely

>In comparison to an incandescent light bulb, in which the wire can burn out and sudden fails or an energy saving light due to sudden failure of the cathode, an LED is after 1,000,000 cycles only darker, but does not fall abruptly.

Precise light control without additional reflector


Continuously dimmable

>Compared to many types of energy saving lamps, LEDs are dimmable and without changing the color temperature

All temperature colors available

> LEDs are not only in cold neutral and warm white but available in a variety of other colors.